Cardi B Announces She And Offset Are “Not Together Anymore” And The Internet Has Lots Of Thoughts

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While you were sleeping, or perhaps, up late on the West Coast, Cardi B seemingly announced that she and husband Offset parted ways. We have a feeling she might pop up online before the day or week is over to shout, in her colorful voice, that she was just playing and that they will never, ever truly split. However, she seemed pretty calm, clear and serious when she took to Instagram, via video, to speak on what she says has been an up and down relationship for some time.

“So everybody been buggin’ me and everything, and you know, I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now,” she said. “We’re really good friends and you know we’re really good business partners, and he’s always somebody I run to to talk to, and we got a lot of love for each other. But things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time and it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just, I guess, we grew out of love. But we’re not together anymore. I don’t know, I might take time to get a divorce. And I’m gonna always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father. And…yeah.”

She captioned the video, “There you go..peace and love.”

There you go..peace and love

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Offset actually responded to the video with a simple comment: “Ya’ll won.”

While Cardi and Offset have been a favorite couple of some, they’ve also been side-eyed by many others, especially due to the many cheating rumors that have surrounded him and how open she was about their sexual relationship.

Cardi and Offset started dating in early 2017, and by October he publicly proposed to her at the Powerhouse concert in Philly. However, they officially wed a month before in a private ceremony at their home. They have a daughter named Kulture whom they welcomed in July. They were last seen on stage together at the Jingle Ball on November 30 (see top photo).

Last year, Cardi said she wanted to work things out despite Offset’s cheating past because, well…she didn’t want to have to start over with someone new who would do the same:

#cardib finally admitted what we all knew was true – that her boyfriend #Offset CHEATS on her . . . and she’s accepting it . . Yesterday one of Cardi’s fans asked her WHY she puts up with her MIGOS fiance Offset’s cheating. Cardi is VERY open with her fans, and so she answered HONESTLY. . . There have been several women that Offset is allegedly involved with. And Cardi and Offset aren’t just dating – the couple got engaged last October. It’s actually KIND OF SAD that Cardi ACCEPTS This from him . . . . .#cardib #offset #tobgh #news #blog #celebrity #cheating

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Guess she’s had a change of heart.

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