Comedian Ken Jeong Helps Woman Having Seizure During His Stand-Up Set

Ken Jeong played a doctor on TV for his short-lived series Dr. Ken, but did you know that the 48-year-old actor is a doctor in real life too? The comedian proved he’s still got his medical skills this weekend when he jumped off stage during his set to help a woman having a seizure in the audience.

Jeong, best known for his roles in the TV series Community and the movie trilogy The Hangover, began his career as a medial doctor, and still is a licensed physician and surgeon in California. He doesn’t practice anymore though, but his skills don’t seem to have faded at all. His rep confirms that during a stand-up performance in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday a woman in the audience had a seizure, and Jeong, who was on stage at the time, came down into the audience to help. He cleared room for the woman, and attended to her as paramedics were called. There was also an EMT in the crowd, who assisted him. Together they waited with the woman until help arrived and rushed her to the hospital. 

Afterwards, Jeong returned to the stage to finish his set. Before that though, the audience gave him a round of applause for his timely intervention. 

Photo: Nan Palmero on Wikipedia