“I Am Completely Capable Of Carrying My Own Child”: Princess Love Refutes Surrogacy Rumors Following Pregnancy News

Princess Love pregnant


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Yesterday we told you Ray J announced that he and wife Princess Love are expecting their first child.

While many expressed their excitement and well wishes for the couple, there were some people who had their questions about the pregnancy and continued to push some of the same rumors the Norwoods have been refuting for months now. One of those people included Moniece Slaughter, the couple’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood co-star (and someone Ray J had relations with back in the day). She took to social media to say that Brandy is a surrogate for Princess, and had some not so nice things to say about the singer:

I said I wasnt comment on this miserable hoe, but CAN SOMEBODY THROW THIS BITCH @moniece_slaughter in her fckn casket already!!! 💀 Why is this skeletor looking chick still talking???!💀💀 You need to start paying rent at @theshaderoom because you evidently reside in their comments! Raise your own fckn child and stop worrying about #Brandy’s uterus!!! You appear to be/look Very Grinchlike if you ask me! 💀💀💀 Thank you @princesslove for shutting that down and congratulations beautiful!!! #Brandy101 #BrandyNorwood #RayJ #PrincessLove #MonieceSlaughter #FcknGrinch #SlayanaUniversity

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But for all of those trying to take away from such a special moment, Princess Love isn’t having it. She shared video of her sonogram (before deleting it from Instagram) and let people know that as hard as they might try, they can’t steal the joy she has in this very special moment. Surrogacy is a beautiful thing, but she says it’s not her experience:

#CatchTheTea Princess shares her ultra sound of the baby #PrincessLove #RayJ

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And someone else coming to her defense is not Ray J or Brandy, but Sonja Norwood, whom we already know will go to bat for her kids. She told detractors that Brandy is not pregnant, and that people need to redirect their attention to more pressing matters instead of trying to stir up negativity:

I’m going to have another grandCHILD @rayj and @princesslove! Thank you, Jesus, having 10 granddogs, 2 rabbits, and a bird, I finally get a grandCHILD. Overjoyed, it’s been 15 years since the birth of my beautiful @syraismith. I’m thankful and pray for a healthy baby. I don’t usually address rumors, but I want Ray and Princess to have an enjoyable pregnancy without the hoopla. Brandy is NOT pregnant therefore she is NOT a surrogate for the other Norwoods. Get over it already! Redirect your hate to Donald Trump! Where hate matters! And cease with the fake news! (Clears throat) 🎤Hush little baby don’t say a word, gramma gonna buy you a mockingbird… a little rusty so I’m practicing. @vocalcoachnorwood @4everbrandy love you!

A post shared by Sonja Norwood (@sonjanorwood) on Nov 27, 2017 at 2:39pm PST

It’s a shame people are trying to put a damper on such a happy time for the pair. We’re hoping it won’t create unneeded stress for the parents-to-be and they can keep their focus on the littlest Norwood on the way.