Karlie Redd Finally Revealed Her Age Since Everyone Obsesses Over It So Much

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Reality star Karlie Redd gets asked a lot of questions about her love life, her career, but the question that keeps the internet talking is, “how is she?” Well it looks like Karlie is finally ready to let people in on her little not-so-secret.

“I’ve never been afraid to tell my age, first of all, it’s just that I don’t understand what the obsession is with it,” she told the hosts of “The Real” on a recent episode.

“Maybe because we look young, we look beautiful,” she explained to the audience.

“Is it true that you are 45 years old?” Jeannie asked?

“Yes, yea,” she excitedly revealed.

She went on to say “I don’t know why people care so much, it’s like top trending, everywhere,” she continued.

“You don’t look it, so everyone wants to know your secret,” Loni Love offered.


Back in 2018, Karlie Redd told MN that she doesn’t reveal her age, “because I’m in a contract.”

“I don’t tell my age because I’m in contract, and it’s the top thing on Google, it’s one of the top ten things on Google, Karlie Redd’s age. And you would never think that that’s so interesting for people to know.”

Continuing, “I decided, I’m going to turn those numbers into dollars, and I did and that’s why I don’t tell ya’ll.”

Well Karlie can use that money now to start the new stage of her life. Karlie is currently engaged to to Indiana native Maurice “Mo” Fayne. She is in the midst of planning a wedding and looking forward to starting a family with her beau.

“I’m excited about planning a wedding,” she said on “Love Hip Hop,”. “I want to get married and have my baby boy.”

She continued to explain her excitement about starting a family on the Ed Lover show.

“I can’t tell you anything! But I’m dyin’ to have a boy. I’m taking applications and, you know, if people wanna leave, you know, some of your stuff at the bank for me, you know, I’ll go to the bank and pick it up.”

Get into these photos of the timeless beauty:


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