Pick An Eye To Reveal A Hidden Part Of You!

For thousands of years, humans have used the eye as a symbol for… well, several things. Perhaps most prevalent is its connection to the soul or innermost secrets of an individual.

Indeed, the eyes can give away many secrets about what one is thinking and feeling. Today, let’s combine the artistic and spiritual significance of the eye with the power of the subconscious mind.

Take a look at the collection of eyes below and pick the one that stands out to you most. Don’t think too long or hard about it. Once you’ve made your choice, read on to discover a hidden part of yourself.


Eye #1

If you chose the first eye, you are an incredibly passionate and spontaneous individual.

Take care to use this passion and spontaneity for good as both characteristics do come with dark sides that can unleash chaos and negative energy in your life if you’re not careful.

Eye #2

You are a man or woman of many secrets. Past experiences have taught you that this is the best way to not only survive but to get what you want out of friendships and relationships as well.

This can be a valuable asset but don’t be afraid to open up to those who have demonstrated their deep care for you.

Eye #3

If the third eye is the one you fancy, you are very in tune with nature. Nature is a key part of your aura and you function best when you’ve had your daily restoration time among it.

Eye #4

You are a perfectionist who loves figuring out the details of seemingly complicated concepts, things and people. Taking life at face value is not the name of the game for you; you much prefer to explore the intricacies of situations.

Don’t be afraid to take it easy on yourself sometimes and give your brain a rest.

Eye #5

You are a walking, talking riddle – a master of manipulation. You love to make people work to find out information about you.

Past experiences in life that made you feel betrayed taught you to be this way as a means of protecting yourself. Take care, however, to be wise about who you manipulate. You may inadvertently deter those who truly care about and love you.

Eye #6

If you chose this eye, you are a very mysterious person. You enchant all those you come into contact with.

You will be able to harness this power fully once you put energy towards becoming more confident. You have no reason to be timid as you are; overcome this and you will realize your inner alure is even greater than you could’ve ever imagined.

Eye #7

Lastly, if eye number seven tickled your fancy, your soul guards many secrets. You would prefer if people did not know everything about you. At the same time, however, you are a very sincere and honest person.

Your secretive nature comes out of a desire to tempt others into wanting to learn more about you.