R. Kelly Has Been Cancelled In The U.S But Not Overseas

Protestors Rally In Support Of Sex Abuse Survivors At R Kelly's Chicago Studios

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

R. Kelly has become one of the most disgraced musicians in RB since the airing of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly. Not only has his music been sworn off by past fans, two North Carolina radio stations have banned his music, he has been banned from Philadelphia, Sony Music has dropped him from their label and he is being investigated by the FBI. There’s also #MuteRKelly, a campaign dedicated to ending his career. The Chicago native has been cancelled in the U.S but fans in Germany are welcoming him with open arms.

Kelly will be performing in Ludwigsburg on April 12th and tickets have been selling so much that his show has been moved to a bigger venue, TMZ reports. He was originally supposed to perform at the MHP Arena, which can hold an audience of 7,200 and is now going to hit the stage at the Ratiopharm Arena, which holds 9,000 people.

As far as the “Ignition” singer’s stateside concerts, many of them have been cancelled within the past year for various alleged reasons, including safety concerns and weather conditions. Illinois even denied him a permit for a concert in January.