Serena Williams Proves The Spartan Race Is No Joke, Even For The Greatest Athlete In The World

Serena Williams Spartan


If you like a challenge, particularly one that involves physical fitness and a whole lot of mud, then we’re sure you’ve heard about the Spartan Race. Founded in 2007, it’s a series of obstacle races, from short-distance options like the three to five-mile Spartan Sprint to long-distance options (we’re talking 12 to 14 miles and 30-35 obstacles) like the Spartan Beast. They take place around the world and include team event options. The first Spartan Race took place in 2010 and each one has either been breaking down or motivating contestants ever since. Still, people, hundreds of thousands every year at that, continue to sign up.

One famous participant who you might expect to breeze through such courses and sprints is Serena Williams. The 36-year-old tennis ace teamed up with her husband, Alexis Ohanian, sister Lyndrea Price and members of her dance troupe, Kryptonians, to try and tackle the Spartan Sprint. She proved it’s no joke, not even for the greatest athlete on the planet, to climb over barriers, swing with rings and trek through mud for hours:

U must Slide for more pics!!! Competed in a Spartan race this weekend with SOME of my @kryptonian teammates. This first video was a 5 and a half foot jump half way through I knew there was no chance to get my legs over so I remembered my gymnastics classes from my youth! The rings lol look I tried! Hahahah

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on Jan 29, 2018 at 7:40am PST

But with the support of her team and her partner in life, Williams was able to finish and somehow have fun at the same time. Five miles done, 23 obstacles completed:

Spartans support Spartans.

A post shared by Alexis Ohanian Sr.🗽 (@alexisohanian) on Jan 30, 2018 at 3:57pm PST

I can’t feel my legs today and that’s okay because I had a blast with my amazing team #justJILLit #kryptonians take on @spartanrace 🏆🏆 🎥 by: @thatsjoshjones

A post shared by Jessica Steindorff (@jessicasteindorff) on Jan 29, 2018 at 9:17am PST

Crushed our first Spartan Race! 5 miles 23 obstacles. 💪🏼Every bruise on my body this morning was totally worth it. #kryptonians #spartansocal

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Swipe left \\ What a great Sunday with my #kryptonian #justjillit Fam ! It was tough but we did it 💪🏽🏅🏆🏅 @spartanrace , here are a few shots I was able to get without destroying my phone 📸🎥 @wearetotl #wearetotl . . . . . 💥Kryptonian Squad💥 @serenawilliams @alexisohanian @thinkbetterjair @jessicasteindorff @lalji1 @elisabethgarvin @gregpiechota @jarmere @dakota_raine @cameronsmoller @miller_zack @wearetotl

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Made it hrough the mud!

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While it looked like quite the challenge, if you ask Williams what her greatest challenge has been in her career, she will tell you it’s actually been figuring out strollers for baby Alexis Olympia:

The more you know…