The Most Anticipated Fiction Book Releases of Spring 2018

Photo: jenny_oregan on Instagram 

It’s that time of year again where the season’s hot new lineup of books have us reaching for comfy corners and uninterrupted reading time. Although fresh spring blooms, blue skies and rising temperatures are sadly still a couple weeks away, you can always jump into the season ahead with a brand new read. What better way to welcome in the flower-power season than with a book to refresh your mind and soul, just in time for spring?  Whether you’re into heartfelt family sagas or personal quests for happiness, there’s a fiction title for every bookworm to crawl into this Spring 2018.      

The Female Persuasion

Expected to hit shelves on April 3rd, Meg Wolitzer’s The Female Persuasion tells the tale of the romantic values we carry into adulthood, not just about who we want to be involved with, but about who we strive to be ourselves. Following the story of Greer Kadetsky, an introverted college freshman who is engrossed with her current boyfriend Cory, Wolitzer takes readers down a thrilling path of self-purpose. After hearing experienced feminist and a figure of the women’s rights movement Faith Frank speak for the first time, Greer feels a shift within. As her meant-to-be love story falls apart, the story turns into a feminist narrative about a young woman discovering her inner desire, passion and self-discovery. 

America is Not the Heart

Also set for an April 3rd release, Elaine Castillo makes her writers debut with a contemporary immigrant tale, America is Not the Heart. America is Not the Heart is a soulful story about three generations of women who can’t quite seem to let go of their past as they struggle to fulfill the promise of the American dream. Centered around the life of Hero De Vera, who has recently moved from the Philippines to America, Castillo aims to bring a family story and the story of two different countries to life. 

Flying at Night

Making its arrival on April 10th, Rebecca L. Brown’s Flying at Night brings us into the world of a family on the verge of breakdown. In Flying at Night, an autistic child, his strong-willed and passionate mother and her abusive father learn about what happens when your world is suddenly flipped upside down. As a stay-at-home mom, protagonist Piper is struggling to raise her unique nine-year-old son, Fred. After she comes to terms with Fred’s diagnosis of autism, Piper must now face her lonely and angry father, Lance, who has suffered a heart attack and brain damage and needs care. She is surprised when her father and young son manage to form a connection, in a story which explores the meaning of family.