Towanda Braxton Announces She’s Suing Vincent Herbert


Now that Tamar and Vince have decided that they’re ending their marriage, her sisters are at liberty to say how they really feel about their estranged brother-in-law. And in case you couldn’t guess based on their claims he physically abused the baby Braxton, it’s not good.

In fact, the bad blood between Herbert and two of the sisters is more than just personal, it’s professional. In a clip from an upcoming episode of “Braxton Family Values,” Towanda announced that she plans to sue Herbert.

“I’ve decided to sue Vince. [My lawyer] did a lot of research the theme song for “Braxton Family Values,” Traci and I co-wrote the song and we never got compensated and we never got compensated for singing the song. And the research found that Vincent was the publishing company and his name is all over it.”

They cut to a clip of Traci and Towanda in a meeting with the lawyer saying that the song is attributed entirely to Vince, with Tamar listened as the only singer on the track.

Towanda said that Tamar had no involvement in writing the song and she’s skeptical that Vince will work to settle the matter.