What Does Compromise In A Relationship Really Mean?

Compromise. That’s a word that can come with some stigma. When we say that security in a company has been compromised, or that someone has compromised their values, it is a very bad thing. But, in those cases, when people say compromised they really mean destroyed. In a true compromise, each person involved in a decision has to make some concession. In a true compromise, people meet each other half way (or 60/40, 70/30, you get the idea…) It can be hard to know, in a relationship, when you’re compromising too much, and essentially sacrificing what you want at that point. It can also be hard to know when you’re being a bit too stubborn and forcing your partner to sacrifice. Let’s take a look at the art of compromise in relationships, and what it really means to compromise rather than sacrifice.


Forget right and wrong

Throw the notion of being right or wrong out the window. The only thing that’s right is the decision/solution/result that allows you both to feel that the other person was willing to meet you halfway, and you didn’t give up too much. The only thing that is right is the result where you each feel as happy as possible, without making the other person feel decidedly unhappy.