10 Sweater Dresses To Keep You Both Fly And Water This Winter

In the winter time, when your primary objective is to stay warm and not catch a cold out here in these streets, sometimes you have to sacrifice your fashion. Especially if you live in a city like New York, where you find yourself walking a bit. But just because the temperatures have dropped (and in this year’s case rose and then dropped again), it doesn’t mean that you have to walk around looking frumpy and disgruntled. These sweater dresses will make sure you strut out of the house every morning… even if it’s just a second before the winter wind smacks you in the face.

Ladder-Cutout Sweater Dress, Forever 21, $48.00

If you’re like me and hate to be cold, this ladder dress just might be the perfect solution for you. It covers almost your entire body while still being sexy. You might have to be put a shirt underneath it as the back is exposed but then again, a flash of skin might be something to consider.