10 Ways To Prepare Your Body For A Baby

Having a child is one the biggest moments a woman will ever have to plan. But planning a pregnancy takes more than cleaning out your spare room for a nursery or putting money aside for the baby’s college fund. You have to be physically prepared to carry your bundle of joy.

Did you know that obesity can cause hormonal imbalances that reduce a woman’s chance of conceiving and having a healthy baby? That’s just one commonly overlooked factor that can affect your fertility. If you’re thinking about getting pregnant soon, you’ll want to start preparing your body as soon as you and your partner agree the time is right. Here are some things you should do ASAP.

Consult your doctor   

It is recommended that women pay the doctor a visit at least three months before putting a bun in the oven. This is called a preconception checkup. Have your breasts, lungs, heart, and blood checked. A pap smear will also help you detect any infections and issues that cause cervical cancer, which can make fertility difficult.