11 Reminders That EJ Johnson’s Wardrobe Is Better Than Yours

EJ Johnson style

People can try and say what they want about EJ Johnson (please, no hate below), but the truth is, Earvin III slays.

Ever since the 24-year-old had gastric sleeve surgery and lost almost 200 pounds thanks to it (as well as a change in diet and a healthy exercise regimen), he’s changed up his style 100 percent. It’s understandable. He went from being covered in capes to wearing all things sheer with mesh, high slits and a fly fur on top.

“My style has changed drastically,” Johnson told PEOPLE last year. “I’m always scantily clad or showing skin and wearing bodycon stuff. This is the way I’ve always wanted to dress and I can pretty much fit into anything I want — I am just having literally a ball. Walking outside is so exciting for me now.”

With his designer pieces, beat face and confidence, Johnson’s “gender fluid” looks could put some of our closets to shame. Check out the EJ Johnson style and don’t hate — appreciate.