12-Year-Old Girl Dead After Using This Common Personal Care Product

Paige Daughtry passed away from using a personal care product that everyone has in their home. Her parents are left stunned after the death of their 12-year-old daughter. Doctors say Paige died from using too much deodorant.

Paige’s Story

Paige’s parents found her passed out and rushed her to the hospital. Despite attempts to save her, she died two hours later. According to Paige’s family, she was obsessed with spraying herself with aerosol deodorant. It’s believed that she overused the product so much in her room that the butane and isobutane from the fumes caused her to pass out on her bed.

Forensic pathologist Dr. Jonathan Metcalfe determined that Paige’s cause of death was “inhalation of volatile substances.” Dr. Metcalfe explained, “Analysis of brain samples revealed two substances present in aerosols – they are known as volatile substances. They are known to be present in deodorant which was present at the scene.”

There was no evidence of chronic use, so doctors don’t believe that Paige was inhaling the fumes on purpose. Paige’s mother explained, “She would spend hours in the bedroom and would spray and spray as she didn’t want to smell… I suppose that’s something every 12-year-old girl would do, spraying deodorant.

The fumes from aerosol deodorant Paige was using likely affected her heart rhythm, leading to her death. Her family wanted to make sure other parents heard her story in hopes of realizing how dangerous the fumes can be. “She was a strong character,” her mother said. “My feeling is she was the way she was and there was no changing her no matter what we did she marched to her own beat, that was Paige.”

The Telegraph

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