13 Women “Of A Certain Age” Who Aren’t Afraid To Rock The Crop Top

Nicole Murphy

I once read somewhere that women over the age of 34 shouldn’t wear crop tops or midriff-baring shirts. That “once” was actually earlier this morning from an old post on The Daily Mail. But when you’ve worked hard for a killer body no matter what your age, who cares about fashion rules?

While people consider peek-a-boo and full crop tops a style for young girls and Millennials, many women “of a certain age” are rocking them without a second thought. Yes, that includes women over 50 who don’t look a day over 40. And why should they? They can wear whatever they want. And in these cases, the following women looked damn good in their midriff-baring tops. Check out all the lovely ladies over 40 who aren’t afraid to show you their core.

#ViolaDavis just took airport style to new heights with this ab-baring sheer top. ?? |?: Shotgetter/AKM-GSI

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Viola Davis, 51