2017 Golden Globe Predictions In The Film Categories

The first awards show of 2017 is here, and when the Golden Globes are all over there should be a better understanding of which film will be a leading contender for the upcoming Oscar awards in February. While the films that win at the Golden Globes don’t necessarily win the Oscar (and in some cases don’t even get nominated, right Ben Affleck?), at the very least we’ll know which films voters will be leaning towards. Here’s our picks for the major film award categories.

BEST PICTURE (Drama): 5 very good films have been nominated for this category this year, and most of them should be nominated for an Oscar as well. Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge probably won’t be one of them though. Gibson’s reputation still has a ways to go before the powers that be in Hollywood are ready to forgive him, and unfortunately this good film won’t get an Oscar nom, or win a Golden Globe. Hell or High Water is one of those films that suffers from not getting enough publicity, and while it appears on a lot of critics top films of 2016 lists, it won’t win a Globe either. Lion has an outside chance at winning, but really it’s going to come down to Moonlight or Manchester by the Sea. We figure it will be the slice of life drama Manchester by the Sea that takes it this year.

BEST PICTURE (Comedy or Musical): This year the category actually makes more sense than it did last year. Really, The Martian is a comedy? Anyway, of the five films nominated, La La Land is the one that will more than likely take home the award. It’s also the only one to likely get the Oscar nomination as well. We’d love to see Deadpool take it (after all who can deny the impact the film had on the film industry this year?), but even a superhero won’t be able to take out the musical juggernaut starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It’s most likely on it’s way to Oscar glory.



BEST ACTOR (Drama): You really can’t take anything away from Joel Edgerton, Andrew Garfield and Viggo Mortensen, as all three actors deserved their nominations, but this category is really a two horse race. Denzel Washington is a long time favourite of the Hollywood Foreign Press, which might just give him the edge here over Casey Affleck. While we think Affleck deserves the award for his strong performance in Manchester by the Sea, we think Washington’s just as good performance in Fences will give him the win.

BEST ACTOR (Musical or Comedy): Not much to say here other than Ryan Gosling takes the award. Really it’s a shame, because we think Ryan Reynolds was really the best of the group here, but unfortunately Deadpool probably isn’t the sort of film the Hollywood Foreign Press votes for.



BEST ACTRESS (Drama): Amy Adams got her seventh, yes seventh Golden Globe nomination for Arrival, an award she’s won twice before. We’re in the minority when we say we really didn’t like the film, and as much as we like Adams, we can’t predict her to win just for that reason alone. That leaves either Jessica Chastain or Natalie Portman to take home the trophy. We can see Portamn winning simply because the subject matter of her film, Jackie Kennedy, is always a pretty popular topic. 

BEST ACTRESS (Musical or Comedy): This year any one of these actresses could win the award, which makes it very hard to choose. Meryl Streep is being given the Cecil B. DeMille Award this year, so we’ll take her out of the running. Rules Don’t Apply wasn’t a very good film, so we can’t see Lily Collins surprising anyone with a win. Hailee Steinfeld is amazing in The Edge of Seventeen, but it’s not her time yet. In a couple of years she will probably be winning all sorts of awards. that leaves Annette Bening, who should win, but unfortunately Emma Stone will probably join her co-star Ryan Gosling in the winners circle. Don’t get us wrong, Stone was good, but in our opinion, Bening was just that much better.



The Golden Globes are live this Sunday on NBC at 8 PM.