3 Cousins Struggle To Lose A Combined Weight Of 2,000 Lbs On Family By The Ton

A family that’s gained weight together is attempting to lose it together on TLC’s Family By The Ton.  Naomi, Drew and Chitoka weigh a combined totally of nearly 2,000 pounds, each of them battling with life and their size in different ways.

Naomi, who is nearly 400 pounds, is coming to terms with how she’s let her weight keep her from moving forward in life, specifically starting a family of her own. But she’s also struggling with guilt over encouraging her mother, Mama Beverly, who’s also overweight, to undergo a gastric bypass because of the complications that arise during surgery.

Older cousin Chitoka has been bedbound for years, cooking, eating, and bathing all from the same spot. “My own morality is a constant thought,” she says in the video below, reflecting on how doctors have told her she wouldn’t live to see 40. Yet, she grapples with the reality that she could die whether she tries to lose the weight or not.

And then there’s Drew who, despite his morbid obesity, is the sole caretaker for his elderly mother and realizes she would have no one to take care of her if something happened to him.

It’s these realities that have caused the cousins to band together and promise to do something about their weight before it’s too late under the guidance of Dr. Charles Procter Jr. But knowing how difficult it is to shake food addiction and change one’s entire lifestyle, the question is will their resolve to shed pounds be enough, especially in the wake of the fears Mama Beverly’s surgery has stirred?

Family By The Ton airs Wednesdays on TLC at 10 pm.