3-Year-Old Hospitalized After Finding This Under Toy Dump Truck

Josh McClane, father of two, has a terrifying story to tell, and he hopes that parents across the country will listen. Josh’s son Judson and his daughter Jasmine were playing outside when Judson suddenly let out a shriek. Josh heard his son yell, but he didn’t think it was anything serious, until he got closer.

Josh told KATV News, “I heard him yelp real loud. I figured it was an ant or maybe a wasp.” But when Josh ran outside to see what happened, he saw Judson on the ground with two bite marks in his leg.

A venomous cottonmouth snake, also referred to as a water moccasin, was hiding under one of Judson’s dump trucks. The snake attacked the three-year-old when he attempted to play with his toy.

Josh rushed his son to the ER where doctors administered 16 vials of antivenom. They were able to stop the spread of the venom before it took took Judson’s life. Josh is now sharing his story to warn parents about the dangers of snake bites. He said, “I’m going to start picking up every evening. I’ll go out and scout it out before we all come outside.”

How To Keep Your Home Safe From Snakes

Snakes like warm spaces, so Judson’s dump truck was the perfect spot for the snake to curl up and relax. Follow these tips to keep your home and children safe from dangerous snake bites:

Think About Your Landscaping – Watering your lawn on a regular basis might help your home look great, but it’s also the perfect habitat for a snake. Snakes enjoy wet places where they can soak up the sun. Consider taking a break from watering too often.

Trim Around Your Home – Trim excess brush and bushes around your yard on a regular basis. Overgrown brush gives snakes the perfect place to hide.

Get Rid Of Rodents – Snakes eat small rodents like mice. Eliminating mice around your home can help get rid of snakes as well.

Clean Up The Clutter – Stacks of wood, rock piles and other debris near your home are perfect spots for a snake to settle. Clear out what you don’t need and make sure the rest is kept tidy and away from your home.

This happens multiple times all over the world. Make sure to check your yard.

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