4 Black-Owned Vegan Skincare Brands


Wanna go all the way vegan — like all the way? Food is just a starting point for many people interested in fueling their body with healthier things that don’t rely on animal by-products, but there are so many other areas where we rely on animals for our own livelihood, and in some instances, vanity. Skincare is a large area where animal testing is regularly done and that extends to soaps, washes and other products we put all over our body. And while there are a number of brands now that make vegan skincare products, of course we’re shouting out the Black-owned brands supplying all of our vegan body care needs. Here are four of them.


Alaffia features a number of products for your face and body skincare needs, ranging from soaps, balms, and body washers to fair trade butters and oils, as well as deodorants and lotions. A number of empowerment efforts also stem from the brand which uses proceeds to fund projects related to women’s health, FGM eradication, education, and reforestation.



Jovi Shai Beauty

As Jovi Shai Beauty’s website states from the outset, “Our products are natural in every sense of the word.” We personally have our eyes on the Black Hawaiian Lava Salt Scrub, which can be used on the face and body, but the line also has a shea coconut body conditioner, coconut lava bar, and even hair products for you and bae.

Foxie Cosmetics

All products from this brand are handcrafted by Foxie herself, aka, Kayla Phillips. Since 2015, the beauty brand founder has made over 500 bath, body, skin and hair care products from ingredients like castor, jojoba, avocado, and argan oil, cocoa butter, green tea, rose petals, Epson salt, and more. And items have fun names like “Water Me,” “Potty Mouth,” and “Mermaids Tail.”

tropikal bliss

Want great skincare products with “no nasties”? make tropikal bliss your go-to. This brand offers a range of products for clarifying, toning, mattifying, and brightening skin, and the website even has success stories showing just how effective its skincare kits are.