5 Bad Behaviors In Kids Linked To Parenting Mistakes

Being a parent is far from easy. Most parents are bound to make a few mistakes along the way. But the way you parent has a huge impact on the person your child becomes. The lessons you choose to – or not to – teach them can determine whether or not they’re polite, independent or kind, among many other qualities.

Here are five bad behaviors in kids linked to parenting mistakes:

1. Being Too Dependent

There is such a thing as an overprotective parent, and it can lead to an overly dependent child. If you are constantly doing everything for your child – picking out their clothes, putting their toys away or telling them they can’t join their friends on the playground because they might get hurt, you’ll end up stifling their independence and creativity. They’ll become dependent on you and too afraid to play a little, take chances or be themselves. If your child wants to try the monkey bars, try telling them to “be careful” instead of telling them “no.”

2. Interrupting

If you tend to interrupt, chances are your child will pick up your bad habit. It’s not just other adults you should avoid interrupting. When your child is talking, let them finish before you weigh in. Teach them the importance of listening and waiting your turn to speak. It’ll help them be more polite and give them better communication skills for the future.

3. Misbehaving For Other Adults

There will come a time when someone else is in charge of watching your child. It might be a friend, a relative, a babysitter or a teacher. If you don’t teach your child about respect, listening and behaving, they might end up causing problems for other adults. Whether you’re out or at home, don’t let your child get away with throwing tantrums, being rude or misbehaving. Sit them down and explain to them why their behavior is unacceptable.

4. Oversharing

There are elementary school teachers all over the world with some pretty funny stories involving the habit of oversharing. If a child overhears something at home, they won’t know not to repeat it at school unless you step in. Teach them that some information is private, and it shouldn’t be shared with others. Skipping over this lesson can lead to a whole bunch of blush-worthy moments!

5. Being Impolite

It’s never too early to teach your child how to be polite. As they continue to grow, teach them about the importance of saying “please” and “thank you,” waiting their turn and being kind to others. When your child is impolite, don’t let it slide. Use it as a teaching moment. Wait until they say “please” to respond, and kindly remind them to say “thank you” when necessary.

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