5 Detoxifying Foods To Cleanse Your Body Now

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to the backyard shed or garage. For health conscious foodies who want to detoxify their system and stay healthy, a cleanse can help you feel refreshed and energized. With so many different detox plans on the market, cleansing your body can be intimidating. However, a cleanse can be as simple as adding certain foods into your diet. From a cup of green tea to some leafy spinach, there are a handful of foods with detoxifying properties which can also enrich your diet. We’ve curated a few nutritious menu options to help you boost your dietary plan this spring. 

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Green Tea
Rich with antioxidants and nutrients, green tea is said to promote brain function, assist with weight loss and potentially lower the risk of cancer. The antioxidant properties in green tea are known as catechins, which are said to increase liver function. Whether you drink green tea in the form of matcha or mixed with fruity flavours, this tasty drink helps flush out toxins in your body.

Aside from keeping vampires away, another benefit of garlic is that it is considered to be one of the best detoxifying foods out there. Garlic contains powerful properties which claim to fight off free radicals that damage DNA. It has also been shown to help prevent blood clots and cleanse the liver. If these benefits are making you crave a plate of garlicky pasta or a garlic-infused salad, we certainly don’t blame you! 

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Delicious in salads and smoothies, blueberries are said to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods. Blueberries contain large levels and a vast range of antioxidants. With nutrients such as Vitamin C, Fibre and potassium, blueberries claim to also promote heart health.

One of the most notable benefits of artichokes is their claimed ability to cleanse the liver and purify the blood. This spiky delight contains an antioxidant compound called cynarin that helps your liver produce bile, which is important for flushing toxins out of the body.  

The antioxidants in almonds are most concentrated in the brown layer of the skin. These help to protect against oxidative stress. This particular kind of stress can damage molecules in cells and contribute to aging and disease. If you want to feel and look great for years to come, it may be worthwhile to munch on a handful of almonds for your next healthy and balanced snack.