5 DIY Face Rejuvenating Hacks For Flawless Skin

By: Emmy Gnat 

It’s no surprise that your face takes a brutal beating in the winter. Cold mornings mean neglecting face routines, dry weather withers your skin, and lips are constantly crackling. Now that it’s spring though, it is time to give your face the love it deserves. Treat your skin with these organic DIYs that are sure to brighten your face and your mood.

Lip Scrub


Coming out of winter with dry lips? You’re not alone. A simple solution; all natural lip scrubs. Exfoliating isn’t just for your arms and legs. Get perfectly smooth lips using this recipe. Most lip scrubs include just honey and sugar, but in this alternative and more affective recipe the secret ingredient, Shea Butter (the goddess of moisturizers) gives your lips an extra boost of hydration once all the dead skin is scrubbed away. If you’re looking to wear bold lipstick this spring, you must use this hack to get perfectly smooth lips so your colour stays on as long as you need it to.

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Lip Stain

lip stain

Need a quick lip fix before running out of the house in the morning? This trick is so simple; you could do it while making your breakfast. It’s as simple as smashing strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries and mixing it with olive oil. By mixing the berries with the olive oil it creates a deep red or pink tone that stains your lips and moisturizes them. The pigmentation from the fruit works as a stain rather than a gloss, so your lips, rather than just sitting on top of them, absorb the colour. Adding this tint of completely organic colour wakes up your face and gives your lips the nourishment they need.

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Close-up view of female blue eye

No-makeup makeup looks are incredibly hard to achieve, but with a little help from your cooking powders, this style can be all yours. Create perfectly matte nude tones using easy and cheap ingredients that are all natural. Combining arrowroot powder with the ingredient that is the colour of your choice is vital to the process. Although you could substitute with cornstarch, arrowroot is a much thinner and more sensitive powder that will give you lighter feeling makeup. Who knew your spice drawer could spice up your eye makeup looks so dramatically?

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Makeup Remover


Coconut oil, the multifaceted miracle moisturizer, can surprisingly also be used to remove stubborn waterproof makeup. This is the simplest tutorial, literally all you need to do is get a jar of coconut oil and a wash cloth then rub it on your eyes. It’s important to use the washcloth so you don’t log your eyes uncontrollably with coconut oil. This gentle remover is free of harsh chemicals that are found in most waterproof removers that often can sting your eyes or damage eyelashes. It also helps to moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes which most regular face creams cannot do.

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Pore Strips

Portrait of teenage girl applying clear-up strips on nose

Nothing is more satisfying than conquering your blackheads- well, maybe saving your money on something you can do yourself! This trick lets you accomplish both those goals! This tutorial is quick and simple and won’t keep you bound to the bathroom or unable to touch anything. Use warm milk and gelatin to create a gooey paste to leave harden on your nose for half an hour. Then, gently peel it off to reveal your blackhead-free nose. These pore strips will keep your skin clear and soft allowing you to leave the cover-up behind and showoff your dazzling nose.

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