5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Come January 1st, many of us set ambitious resolutions about how our fitness and health regimes are going to dramatically change over the coming year. Yet come mid-January, those resolutions can prove difficult to maintain and lead to abandoned efforts. This year, try setting some realistic health goals, which will make you more likely to stick to them and may get you results. Here are our suggestions for a few health, fitness and diet resolutions to add to your list for 2017. 

Photo: progresspure on Instagram

1) Drink more water

The benefits of drinking more water include clearer skin, weight loss and improved productivity, among many others. To encourage yourself to get those recommended eight glasses a day, try setting hourly reminders on your phone or buying a bigger water bottle.

2) Find a new hobby

Switch up your fitness routine by picking up a new athletic hobby. Try a high energy activity like kickboxing or barre class, or go for one that helps alleviate stress like meditation or yoga.

3) Cut back on alcohol

Although all of us enjoy the occasional glass (or two) of champagne and cocktails on a night out, overindulging in alcohol can result in unwanted weight gain. Whether you want to avoid those Sunday hangovers, have more energy for your fitness goals or simply keep your partying under control this year, watch your alcohol consumption. While you can still enjoy a drink in moderation,  try decreasing the amount you regularly drink, whether it’s just one glass less or cutting your consumption in half.

4) Get more sleep

Go to bed earlier to ensure that you’re getting at least seven hours of sleep each night. Try creating a soothing night time routine that will make you look forward to your wind down time. 

5) Don’t skip breakfast

Eating a filling and nutritious breakfast is key for improving energy and fighting cravings later in the day. In our busy lives, however, it can be hard to find the time. Try preparing steel cut oats or a smoothie bowl the night before to cut down time in the morning.