5 Reasons To Add Pomegranate To Your Diet


Photo: mediterranean_garden16 on Instagram

If you have yet to take advantage of the plenitude of fresh pomegranates in your local supermarket, perhaps it’s time you reconsidered. It’s true that pomegranates are notoriously difficult to manage, considering the tedious seeding and peeling the fruit require. Yet the pomegranate seed holds a number of health benefits that are simply too good to pass up. Late October to February is typically the in-season period for pomegranate, making this the perfect time to adopt this powerhouse fruit into your diet. Here are five reasons why.

Improve Heart Health: Pomegranates are known to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure by helping the body to maintain a healthy blood flow. Additionally, the antioxidants in the seeds are said to lessen the risk of clots in the arteries.  Pomegranate juice is known to reduce atherosclerosis, which is one of the leading causes of heart disease.

Weight Loss: Although tiny, these seeds are packed with a surprising amount of fiber. High-fiber foods are essential in those attempting to lose weight as they can keep you full longer and thus make you less likely to snack or overeat later that day.

Lessen Arthritis Join Pain: Pomegranates are widely known as a natural treatment for arthritis as the fruit is packed with flavonol antioxidants, which helps to combat the inflammation associated with arthritis.

Anti-tumor effects: Pomegranate juice has the ability to remove free radicals from the body and inhibit the development of cancer, among other diseases. Their anti-angiogenic properties mean that they can prevent tumor growth.

Fight Memory Loss: Pomegranates are filled with polyphenols, which are known for their neuroprotective benefits. Its cognitive effects so considered to be so great, in fact, that a study conducted by Loma Linda University advocated for the daily intake of pomegranate juice in treating Alzheimer’s disease.