5 Sushi Restaurants To Visit In Vancouver

When it comes to authentic Japanese cuisine, most foodies will point to Vancouver as the indisputable sushi capital of Canada. The city boasts a huge variety of sushi restaurants and eateries, making choosing a spot to sample Vancouver’s sushi a difficult feat. From organic, health conscious rolls to deep fried rolls named after pop culture figures, the options are endless. If you’re venturing to Van City this autumn, here are five sushi spots which may be worth a visit.


Photo: bluewatercafe on Instagram

Blue Water Café – 1095 Hamilton Street

Located in a converted heritage warehouse, the Blue Water Café offers a heated patio as well as private dining rooms, allowing for a truly customized dining experience. Often referred to as Vancouver’s definitive seafood spot, as the restaurant offers oysters alongside more traditional sushi dishes. Blue Water Café is known for its celebrity spottings, and also boasts a raw bar which is viewed as a special feature.


Photo: shizenla_restaurant on Instagram

Shizen Ya – 985 Hornby Street

Shizen Ya just may appeal to notoriously health-conscious Vancouverites, as well as tourists looking to keep up their diets while on vacaion. This restaurant is the first of its kind to replace traditional white rice rolls in favour of healthier brown rice and quinoa rolls. The menu is gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly, making it an ideal spot for sushi lovers with specific dietary needs. Because Shizen Ya is a small restaurant, many guests consider skipping the line for a table and opting for takeout sushi instead.

The Eatery – 3431 West Broadway

If you’re looking for wallet-friendly sushi without compromising on taste, the Eatery just may be your best bet. This popular spot is known for their creative rolls with outrageous names like the Fat Elvis and the Barbie roll. The Eatery’s kitschy décor pays homage to Astro Boy, a Japanese manga character, which adds to the unique feel to the place. Favoured by University of British Columbia students, this fun and quirky spot is perfect for sushi lovers who don’t take food too seriously.


Photo: cowboyshirls on Instagram

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen – 2054 Commercial Drive

Food bloggers and Instagram lovers alike will take pleasure in the elegantly designed plates at Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen. The sashimi, served with “orchids” made of daikon, is almost too attractive to eat (almost being the key word). With meals which are said to be just as delicious as they are good looking, it’s no surprise that Kishimoto Japanese is rarely without a lineup.

Miku – 200 Granville Street

With its lakeside view and elegant décor, Miku is arguably the most aesthetically-pleasing sushi spot in the city. Luckily, their food matches the atmosphere, as their sushi is known to be consistently fresh and delicious. What makes Miku unique is their aburi sushi, in which fish is seared, rather than served raw. Though this restaurant falls on a slightly higher price range, its location and unique dishes may make it worth the splurge.