7 Signs You Have Been Reincarnated Into This Life

Were you reincarnated into this life? These 7 signs indicate that you’ve experienced reincarnation…

Many cultures and people believe that our souls never actually die, rather they move from one body to the next. Historically, it has been said that reincarnation allows you to fulfill goals and objectives from a previous life. By listening to your soul, you are able to discover new meanings to life by discovering your true inner self. These 9 signs reveal that you may have been reincarnated in this life.

1) Strong instinct

You have this strong sense of being and you always trust your instincts. You feel as if you know when things are going to happen and whenever you don’t trust your gut instinct, you always end up regretting it. Its not just a feeling with you though there have been times in the past where you envisioned how an event would occur and it has gone down exactly like your vision.

2) Emotionally conscious

You are always aware of others emotions, even when you are not trying to be. You are naturally drawn to people who are upset and you can sense when people do not always have the best intentions around you. You are highly compassionate to others because you understand that everyone has a battle that they are fighting and you’ve been there before.

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3) Strong sense of Déjà vu

You constantly go through situations or places where you have to seriously question yourself if you have been there before. You feel that sometimes after you wake up from a long sleep that your dreams were so real they had to be true. You sometimes have difficulty in determining if your Déjà vu is something to be brushed to the side, or if it is something to seriously look into.

4) You feel out of place

You sometimes have difficulty finding your place in this world, it can be difficult for you to connect with people on a deeper level. You sometimes alienate yourself from your friends or family because it is more comfortable for you this way. You often struggle with finding a place that you can really be your true self in.

5) You have a calling for travel

You feel deeply unsatisfied staying in one place for too long. You long to visit places across the globe, places that many people would not even think to travel to. You feel connected to traveling and that being able to see the world is another way for you to experience life and for you to share your own life experiences with others.

6) You crave deep connections

While it may be difficult for you to form new bonds and friendships, you crave deep, intimate connections with those who mean the most to you. You are a complex person with many needs and wants out of life, those who are important to you understand the complexities of your life and are able to connect with you exactly the way you need to be connected.

7) Need for self care

You understand that at the end of the day you need to take care of yourself. Every now and then you need to take time to recharge and just spend some time to yourself. You cherish your ability to be alone and enjoy spending time just working on yourself and listening to the needs of your body and your spiritual and mental needs.