9 Tips For Hiding Dark Under Eye Circles


Hiding dark under eye circles can be a challenge. The skin under the eyes is thin and some people are prone to dark under eye circles whether hereditary, from a lack of sleep or other underlying issue. Check out some of our favourite tips below for hiding dark under eye circles and improving the overall look of the eye area.


1. Apply Eye Cream: Applying an eye cream before concealer helps with a more even, flattering application. It’s especially useful for those with a dry eye area.

2. Use the Right Concealer: Picking the right concealer colour can be tricky. Play around with a few different types. Some women find that a warmer shade (with orange undertones) works best while others swear that a colour a shade or two lighter than their natural tone is best. Tip: Pot concealers tend to provide the fullest coverage, but full coverage may not be necessary for everyone. Try out both full and light-weight coverage options and test out before you buy. Look for one that disappears into your skin. 

3. Apply Concealer Effectively: Dab, don’t rub concealer in for best results.

4. Try White Eyeliner or Highlighter: White eyeliner and/or highlighter can brighten the whole eye area. Try using white eyeliner on the inner corners and highlighter on the brow bone.

5. Use Setting Powder: A quality setting powder will help hide dark under eye circles and lock your makeup in place, reducing the need for re-application during the day.

6. Try Household Items: The old-school remedy of applying frozen tea bags or a frozen spoon can help reduce the dark appearance of under eye circles.

7. Try an Eye Mask or Eye Patches: The newest eye masks and eye patches can improve the look of fine lines, dark under eye circles and puffiness. The newest formulas brighten the eye area and are infused with everything from retinol to hyaluronic acid to collagen to antioxidants.

8. Always Wear Sunscreen: It’s easy to forget the eye area when applying sunscreen, but always wear sunscreen around your eye area to help protect and nourish the area.

9. Get Some Rest: A good night’s sleep can dramatically improve the appearance of dark under eye circles.