A Few Reflections From The First Love & Hip Hop New York Reunion

Last night’s reunion of “Love Hip Hop New York” was kind of hard to watch.

I never claim to be too educated or mature to indulge in ratchet reality TV — the foolery actually keeps my life sane by reminding me what not to do in certain situations — but last night pettiness was at an all-time high along with too many knuck if you buck attitudes. Although Remy Ma and Papoose’s recap about the tragic loss of their child was inspirational and hopefully restored faith in women who are facing similar circumstances, everyone else reminded me these people are not just entertainers who flash across our screens for a paycheck. These are people with deep-seated issues that need to be addressed and resolved within themselves. Kudos to Remy and Pap, but the rest of last night’s cast has got to do better!  Here are all the moments that were interesting, but painfully difficult to watch.

1. Are you trying to convince us, or you?

Normally, we like Cardi B and all the flavor she brings to the show. However, last night was not a proud moment in melanin magic for the Dominican sweetheart. Her issue with Asia, ex-girlfriend of her music producer, was solely based on Cardi’s perception of why she believed Asia had a problem with her. Cardi equated Asia’s disdain with the fact that she used to be a stripper. We doubt it. Cardi B is the poster child for every urban girl with aspirations to beat the odds. Since her first appearance on Love Hip Hop her brand has grown tremendously and created a platform that is recognized on many different levels. She’s touring regularly and making prime-time appearances on bigger shows such as “Being Mary Jane” and “The Doctors.” Clearly, the stripper days are over, Cardi. You have done well for yourself and that’s what we want to celebrate. But when you divert from the facts of being flirtatious with someone else’s boyfriend and insist on sitting in this man’s lap at the reunion… The question is do you see yourself as more than just a stripper? If you were a lawyer in your past life, Asia would still feel the same way about you for flirting with her man at the time. Stop projecting your past insecurities on other women. If you’ve left the strip club, lose the mentality that’s attached to it. We still love you tho.

2. The Creep Squad. Men who appear to be over 35 and still acting 21 are not the move in 2017.  Running around town making babies, getting into fist fights about money, and selling dreams of fame and fortune to female artists that they really just want to sleep with…  We’ll pass.

3. Arguing over a man who doesn’t belong to anyone. Correct us if we’re wrong, but hasn’t the whole Yandy, Samantha, and Erika story line supposedly been about getting their children to interact while Mendeecees is in jail? None of that was a part of last night’s reunion. Unless next week will reveal more about resolving issues with the kids, these women basically made a fool of themselves by revisiting the timeline of who he cheated with and when. Truth be told, if Yandy and Mendeecees didn’t go into a marriage agreement with the government, he can have a commitment ceremony with everybody and call it a day. This man legally belongs to the state of New Jersey, not any one of them.

4. Comments from the Peanut Gallery. The entire show Kimbella was in heaven watching all the drama play out yet again, as if it was stuff she just found out about it. She kept making mention of “eating popcorn” as she cackled about even her bestie’s drama. As the saying goes, empty wagons make the most noise!  Never trust someone who is entertained by others’ pain. Kimbella needs to find something of substance in her own life to focus on. Only miserable people delight in other’s drama.

What did you think of last night’s reunion?