Actress Who Plays Tasha On Insecure Says “I Get So Much Hate Mail”

One of the downsides of playing a TV or movie character people can’t stand is that some can’t seem to separate the person from the individual they portray. Actress Dominique Perry is figuring that out now.

Tasha Insecure

She plays Tasha on HBO’s Insecure, and while that particular character hasn’t really done anything wrong, she’s a divisive figure on the show because, to some fans, she is what keeps Lawrence and Issa from reuniting. Also, the fact that she’s the polar opposite of Issa, and a bit eager for Lawrence’s affection and attention makes her a target for criticism. As Brande Victorian put it, “Tasha is the epitome of an old waiting-in-the-wings rebound jumpoff and it’s for that reason I have nothing for her.”

Still, I didn’t think any of us would dislike the character enough to redirect any dismay to the woman who plays her. But, alas, that seems to be what the Internet is here for nowadays.

“She’s such a love/hate character,” Perry said in a chat with Essence. “I get so much hate mail. I’ve even had a girl be like, ‘Oh, my God, you know I want to fight you, right?’”

Despite all of the shade and slander, the Houston native told the magazine that she gets it. Not just the reason people aren’t fans of the friendly bank teller, but also what Tasha represents to viewers.

“For a lot of women, she represents that side chick or that other woman that ruined a happy home,” she said. “[But] I really don’t feel like Tasha is like that at all. She’s just caught in the middle of Issa and Lawrence’s situation. I feel like she’s just innocent in it all, to be honest. I think she just sees good in him and she just wants to instill some knowledge in him and some self esteem and some confidence to let him know, ‘This is just a phase you’re going through in life and it will be great. And I would love to walk that walk with you, if you’ll have me.’”

“I don’t think that she was scheming or trying to get him like she has a back story or some kind of alternative motive,” she added. “She’s just going with the flow. What’s wrong with that?”

But even if you find something wrong with the way Tasha has gone about things with Lawrence and vice versa, Perry isn’t letting that hate mail and negativity bother her. The opportunity to be on one of the most talked about series on TV right now, and a genuinely good one, makes it all worth it for the actress.

“I think this is one of the most lit shows on television,” Perry told the magazine. “It was definitely needed, so I’m just happy to be a part of it whether people hate me, I mean, hate Tasha, love Tasha—it’s whatever. I’m just so happy to be a part of it. It doesn’t get to Tasha or me.”