#ActualBlackWomen Highlights The Published Works Of Black Women Authors

Perhaps by now you’ve heard that Rachel Dolezal has written a book. I don’t have to tell you who Rachel Dolezal is. She’s the Trans-Black woman—or the White woman who has always strongly identified with Black culture. But more than that, she identifies as a Black woman.

People feel a variety of ways about that, but my opinion is best summed up in this here meme:


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Furthermore, the fact that Rachel Dolezal managed to get a book deal when there are so many Black women struggling to get published is the ultimate White privilege. That does’t even consider the fact that her book, at one point, was outselling the one written by Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, a real Black woman about a real oppression Black people face, police brutality.

In an effort to support Black women who’ve written and published books, Eve Ewing started the hashtag #ActualBlackWomen to spotlight their accomplishments and stop giving Dolezal any more publicity.