Adele Set To Release New Album In September

Typical artists announce the arrival of a new album through official channels. Whether it’s by making the announcement on social media, through their agent, through their record company, by a press release or even in the middle of a concert, musicians generally let fans know new music is coming generally all at the same time. In Adele’s case though, she made the announcement at a wedding she officiated over the weekend.

Over the weekend Adele officiated a wedding between friends, and at one point during the evening she told guests to “Expect my album in September.” The revelation was caught on video and posted across social media. The 31 year old singer also took time to sing a few songs, including her hit Rolling in the Deep. The singer’s last album was the award winning 25, back in 2015, after shooting to fame in 2011 with the release of her album 21. Since then she’s only released one single, the theme to the James Bond film Skyfall. 

Adele last spoke about a new album back in May of last year on social media during her 31st birthday, but nothing has been mentioned since. She hasn’t even commented on what she said over the weekend yet either, although her rep is probably preparing a statement. Her manager, Jonathan Dickins, told Music Week last month that a new album would be coming later this year though.