Adrienne Bailon’s Wish For 2018 Is To Start A Family: “That Would Be My Biggest Dream Come True”

Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

Christmas is just around the corner which means many of us are already focusing on the new year and our wishes for 2018. The ladies of The Real certainly are and Adrienne Bailon has a big one. She wants to start a family.

“My wish for next year would be to start a family,” the 34-year-old co-host told the talk show’s audience. Explaining she’s been married for a year now, Adrienne added, “That would be my biggest dream come true, I’ve always said I want to be a mom. So um…prayers up and we will see what happens.”

Jeannie, Tamera, and Loni all agreed Adrienne would be an “amazing mom,” going on about how excited they are at just the thought of her being pregnant and Adrienne was equally emotional.

“It’s just… Oh my, no, I will die… I will literally like ahh. No, I’m… I have dreamt of being a mom. Like we’ve talked about it for years.”

Adrienne, who is currently a step-mom to husband, Israel Hougton’s kids, went on to talk about what it would mean to not just have a child but to continue with her career at the same time. “I have my sister and all these incredible mothers around me that are also pursuing their dreams and remind me that it is possible to have it all and do it all. To be a working mom. And, to me that would be the greatest success of my life. Would be to be a mother and I’m just yeah… Just praying.”

Adrienne and Israel tied the knot November 11, 2016 after dating for nine months. Good luck to them on expanding their family.