After Messy BFV Finale, Toni Says Braxton Sisters Finally Communicating Better, But “It’s Still A Lot Of Healing We’re Working On”

Toni Braxton Visits BET's '106  Park' - April 11, 2011

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

If you watched Season 6 of Braxton Family Values, or at least the end of it, then you know that the sisters’ relationship was more in disarray than ever before, which is saying a lot. There were still hurt feelings over Traci’s decision to film the latest season on her own, after the rest of her sisters had agreed to sit out filming in the hopes of being able to successfully negotiate their contracts. When they decided to try and sit down with Iyanla Vanzant to figure things out, it went pretty terrible. Ms. Evelyn was initially very resistant to the process, Toni Braxton made it clear that she couldn’t stand her family, and Tamar and Iyanla bumped heads in extremely dramatic fashion. By the end of the finale, the family apologized to one another and it was a pretty emotional scene. But months since the explosive therapy drama, do the sisters see a positive change in the way they communicate?

“Now I do. Initially, no,” Toni said in a recent interview with PEOPLE. “It was a tough season last season because it was super, super honest and real and we were dealing with our own issues and we just did it out loud. After we did it we said maybe we shouldn’t have done it.”

But Toni admits that there were benefits to going through the process, and if nothing else, she’s glad that people could see, celebrity or not, the Braxtons are like any other family with problems they’re trying to work through.

“It took a second, but now I find that we’re better communicators. You think in your family that you have the best communicative skills, you don’t. We didn’t I should say. I find we’re itemizing ourselves just a little bit. We’re individualizing. We’re just this whole, one, all sisters, all together. We’re more than sisters. It’s still a lot of healing we’re working on. But what was great about it is the world gets to see all families have issues.”

Back in October, Tamar told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she was talking to only some people in her family. saying, “I talked to my mom last night. I talked to Towanda last night. I talked to Toni last night. She has lupus, but she’s in the hospital and so I make sure she’s ok, so I’m going to go to Atlanta and check on her and so she’s okay.” According to Toni though, it sounds like the sisters are trying to patch things up. Thank goodness.