After Pointing Blame At Venus Williams For Fatal Car Crash, Police Say She Didn’t Break The Law

Nearly two weeks ago, CNN, the Palm Beach Post and TMZ reported that tennis champion Venus Williams was at fault for a deadly car crash.

Occurring on June 9, the collision occurred in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – where Williams lives. According to police reports obtained by the aforementioned news outlet, the incident also involved 78-year-old Jerome Barson and his 8-year-old wife, Linda Barson.

While Linda survived, Jerome died after spending two weeks in the hospital as a result of his injuries from the crash. The reports also stated that Linda, who was driving, told police she had the green light and there was no way to avoid Williams after Williams allegedly drove across the intersection in front of them.

Williams’ attorney, however, claimed that Williams had a green light when she first drove into the intersection. Nevertheless, the police report stated that Williams claimed she was stuck in the intersection between of other traffic and she didn’t see the Barsons’ vehicle when she was trying to cross.

In a clear he-say, she-say, the police report also claimed Williams was driving about 5 mph when the crash occurred. According to the report, “[Venus] is at fault for violating the right of way of” the other driver.

Interesting enough, after initially finding Williams at fault, police made a statement on Friday that she had “lawfully entered the intersection” and told PEOPLE there’s “no final determination” of who was at fault.

“After the initial investigation was conducted, new evidence into the incident was located,” a Palm Beach Gardens Police Department press release states. “Based on the evidence obtained in the ongoing investigation, it has been determined the vehicle driven by Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal.”