“Ain’t Nobody Touching It!” Amara La Negra Is Celibate (Just For A Little Bit)

Amara la negra

Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

With fame comes more money and, typically, more men chasing after you. But any man looking to get close to Amara La Negra is going to have to be willing to take things slow because the Afro-Latina pop singer has taken sex off the table when dealing with men, at least for now.

Today, Amara returned to co-host The Real and during her appearance the ladies discussed the 90-day rule which the Love Hip-Hop star is currently abiding by. Though when she brought up the topic with her followers she found a lot of girls said having such a rule doesn’t really make a difference when dating, Amara said she thinks holding out is best for her right now.

“I’ve been celibate since October and I just wanna, you know what I’m saying, you know what I’m saying — ha — ain’t nobody touching it until I find somebody that I think is worth having all of it,” she told The Real co-hosts.

After much applause from the audience, the artist was quick to point out her current position, though admirable to some, is temporary. “I mean, I’m not holding it until marriage or anything, pero, just for a little bit,” Amara added. “I think it’s kinda good because if you’re only there to get it and bounce, that gives you some time to really see…”

Given her increased fame, we’d say that’s a smart choice.