All The Money In The World Star Michelle Williams Earned Much Less Than Co-Star For Re-Shoots

When several sexual misconduct allegations came out against Kevin Spacey in October it appeared as if Ridley Scott’s latest film, All The Money In The World, was in trouble. Then Scott announced that he was planning on re-shooting all of Spacey’s scenes, with Christopher Plummer in the role instead. The plan was to reshoot the scenes in just over a week, and still have the film ready for its December release. Everything went according to plan, and everyone was praised for how quickly everything came together. Now however it appears as if everything may not be as good as it appears.

During interviews before the film’s release Scott stated that “everyone did it for nothing,” which turned out not to be accurate in the least. Originally the film gained unwanted attention in November when it was revealed by The Washington Post that Michelle Williams made much less for the film reshoots than her co-star Mark Wahlberg. At that point is simply stated that she was receiving a fraction of the at least $2,000,000 Wahlberg was going to get. Apparently Wahlberg had insisted on getting paid his regular fee, while his co-stars had accepted lower pay. On Tuesday, USA Today rekindled the talk about the salary differences, stating Wahlberg had been paid 1500 times what Michelle Williams had been. In the story they claimed Wahlberg had made $1.5 million while the Golden Globe nominated Williams made less than $1,000.

While no official comments have been made by the film’s distributor Sony, Ridley Scott, or the stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams, the story has gone viral on social media with Jessica Chastain leading the way stating that Williams is “a brilliant Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winning actress. She’s been in the industry for 20 yrs. She deserves more than 1% of her male costar’s salary.”

With everything that has been happening, and the things that have been changing for the better in Hollywood in the last several months, hopefully these types of pay discrepancies are dealt with as well.