Amara La Negra Says Cheating Isn’t Always A Deal Breaker: “You’re Going To Wash It Up And Stay Right Here”

Amara La Negra is currently living the good life. The breakout Love and Hip Hop Miami star has attracted a lot of attention with her beauty, just signed a lucrative multi-album record deal with BMG, and she’s already showing up and showing out on red carpets. But she’s doing it solo. The “Ayy” singer said she’s single as a dollar bill. And for good reason.

Amara La Negra cheating


“I’m super focused on my career right now,” she said while visiting The Breakfast Club on Monday. “I don’t want to dedicate any time to anything that’s going to distract me. I can’t dedicate any time to like, ‘Text me where you’re at. What you doing? I love you. I love you too.’ This is not the moment. I’ll do that eventually at some other time, whatever, whatever.”

Amara said she was last in a relationship in 2017, but split from her suitor in July because he wanted more than she could give at the time they were dating.

“I just don’t like this, ‘You have to text me a couple of times a day, send me a picture, FaceTime me — I don’t want it,’” she said. “I don’t want it! You can like me, but just understand what place I’m at in my career right now. It’s just popping off. If you were to be a little understanding, then cool. Whenever I have the time, I’ll ‘Hey, babe!’ you. But if you text me literally right now and I don’t answer until my interview is over, you can’t be like, ‘What the f–k! I just text you. Where you at?’ No, papi. I can’t do it.”

But for the record, when she commits to a relationship, she really commits. When the singer invests time in a man, even if he isn’t living right, she’s not giving up on him that easy.

“God forbid I were to be with a man and he were to cheat or be with another woman,” she said. “As long as I don’t know about it…what can I tell you? If I find my man and my man cheats on me, and I’ve invested time in you and I gave you all of this, I don’t think I would just leave you. So I’m going to leave you so some other b—h can have you? [Laughs] Not! You’re going to wash it up and stay right here. You’re going to suffer with me.”

“How do you think relationships last 50, 40 years?” she continued. “C’mon. So if you were to do it, I’m not going to let you go. I’ll let you go when I feel I’m ready.”

To the singer, with some men, cheating is a mistake as opposed to a habit. If he’s been a good partner despite slipping up, she doesn’t see infidelity as a deal breaker.

“Honestly, I feel there’s really good men out there,” she said. “If you mess up one time, I don’t know, twice or something like that and you really are a good man, you’ve been good to me through the good and the bad, I don’t think because you [indecipherable], I should let you go. I would think about it. I’m going to make you miserable for a while, know that.”

But infidelity that turns into a child with someone else? Now that’s a deal breaker.

“That’s it,” she said. “That’s too much.”