Amber Rose Feels Like No One Wants To See Her Happy: “They Feel Like I Am Undeserving Of Love”


Anyone who’s ever taken up a cause knows how lonely that fight can be, and last night Amber Rose seemed to be experiencing one of those frustrating bouts as she talked about how difficult it is advocating for women’s sexual agency.

As you know, Amber is the creator of the slut walk, the annual gathering of women in LA geared toward ending slut shaming. But as a result of her crusade, instead of hearing her message, many have turned the lens on Amber and her behavior and still deemed her as “less than.”

Last night, the 34-year-old wrote out her thoughts on IG stories, seemingly feeling like the world is against her.

“Sometimes I wish I can go back to being the regular girl from Philly when people actually liked me for me,” she shared. “The internet is evil af it made me stronger in so many ways but forever changed me as a person. And all they do is tell you to suck it up you asked for the fame and now you got it.

“I swear to God I feel like no one wants to ever see my happy because they feel like I am undeserving of love. But f-ck it. This isn’t the life I choose (sic) it’s the life that chose me.”

Amber went on to write, “Helping women that have been victimized, scrutinized, raped, slut shamed, and blamed is the only thing that makes me feel better. Because I too have experienced all of those things. So I’ll continue to push the envelope. Post sexy funny pics, wear slut cheerleading costumes and be an unapologetic sexual being. I will continue to take all the punches for women all over the world because I know God will only give me what I can handle.”

Being slut shammed isn’t the only battle Amber’s found herself fighting as of late. The mother also had to deal with critiques about her son’s music choices, with Sebastian being called gay for liking Taylor Swift. The former dancer and model is also going through a breakup after things ended with 21 Savage one month ago, so it’s possible Amber was just feeling a lot of different things last night.