Amy Duggar Accused of Treating ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Like a ‘Joke’ in Sneak Peek

There’s nothing funny about a car accident — or is there? Amy Duggar gets chastised for not taking an exercise seriously on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars‘ Friday, January 13, episode, as seen in Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek.

The We TV relationship series’ preview clip shows Duggar’s husband, Dillon King, getting escorted outside to where his wife is lying on a stretcher with a sheet over her. The 19 Kids and Counting alum, 30, has been made up to look like a corpse.

“I actually was blindsided by the car crash because I had my previous car crash, which was like a year ago, so I could kind of relate to the scene, and I could already tell I’m a little scared,” King tells the camera. (The hydrographic-printing company owner was in a car accident in January 2015 that left him with a broken leg.)

Dr. Venus Nicolino tells King to read out loud his most recent text to his wife, in which he told her that her temper gets “out of hand” and that she can be “hurtful as f–k.” However, Duggar has a tough time staying in the moment and starts to get the giggles.

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“It kind of takes away a little bit from the sense of where we’re trying to head,” King tells Duggar. “I mean, your smiling and your laughing is not helping me. … It’s making it hard for me not to smile at you.”

Duggar (first cousin to Jill and Jessa Duggar and their 17 siblings) replies, “I am really bad at this. … I’m sorry — I’m not good at playing dead.”

Nicolino isn’t pleased with the reality star’s attitude and fires back, “You’re actually stopping Dillon from getting to a place that he needs to go. … Amy, do you think this is a joke?”

Watch the clip above. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs on We TV Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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