An Amara La Negra Appreciation Thread: Why Everyone’s Talking About The Love And Hip Hop Miami Beauty

Amara La Negra


If you tuned into the series premiere of Love and Hip Hop Miami on Monday, you probably had your eyes glued on one cast member in particular, and that’s Amara La Negra. With her beautiful afro, smooth skin, bright smile and infectious spirit, one couldn’t help but be smitten with the 27-year-old afro-Dominican singer.

But one person who didn’t show the love was a music producer featured on the show named Young Hollywood. In an uncomfortable exchange, he tried to convince Amara to change things up with her look from time to time, wearing an afro occasionally while also opting for a more “elegant” look that says more Beyoncé and as he put it, less “Macy Gray.”

But the Miami native knew her worth and was comfortable enough in her skin to not be riled up by the producer’s comments. Instead, she just walked out of their session with her dignity — and her luscious afro.

Twitter fiercely stood by Amara, trashing Young Hollywood and other people who think to be Latina means you have to look a certain way. But her unique image is something Amara has been confidently standing by for years.

“One of the reasons I’m so rebellious and I wear my hair from my head attached to my body, is because for many years I was told this bulls–t lie that in order to be beautiful, I had to have straight hair, because my hair was too ‘unmanageable,’” she told Vibe in 2015. “Hello! I’m black. Yes, I’m going to have nappy and kinky hair. But that’s part of what makes me beautiful. And it took me years to know and realize that. I’m straightening and burning my hair for what? To please who?”

Not to mention, she’s been doing this since childhood:

I don’t Fake it! This is just who I am… I have always been Like This? I was Born for this! Some do it as a Hobby! Others do it for Fun but This is MY LIFE!!!!! I Will Never Give up! I will NEVER STOP! because the Question Will always be “How Bad Do You Want it?!” #ThrowbackThrusday #AmaraLaNegra

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Standing strong by her look and who she is has paid off. Amara has been able to share her journey on LHHM and she just signed a multi-million dollar record deal. Hi haters.

In appreciation for her standout character and look on a series usually filled with tired love triangles and a lot of implants, we thought we’d show her some love — and show you more of the stunning Dana Danelys De Los Santos, better known as Amara La Negra.

Amara La Negra Has Arrived! #LHHMIA #LHHMIAMI

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Mi Mejor Amiga! My Best Friend! @mamianalamama1 #Mami

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