Angela Simmons Shows Off Her “100 Percent Natural” Curves While Living Her Best Life In St. Lucia

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While we’re all trying to get used to the dipping temperatures, Angela Simmons and friends hopped on a plane and flew to St. Lucia to help Kim Fields celebrate the upcoming release of her book, The Blessed Life. While on the trip (which still seems to be going on), Simmons, who is known for the work she puts in at the gym pretty constantly, showed off all of her hard work on a boat, at the beach and in her luxury villa. That includes putting her curves on display, which she emphasized in a post are all-natural. The 30-year-old mom said she struggled to truly embrace having hips and a larger backside growing up, but nowadays, loves every inch of herself:

100 percent natural . I speak on this because embracing my curves growing up has always been a challenge for me. I struggled with insecurities as a little girl . Not understanding that curvy can still be beautiful . I know in this day and age people strive for perfection . Making their bodies perfect . I personally have learned to live the healthiest lifestyle that I can. And even after bearing a child I now embrace myself even more. I now know my strength. I am a woman ! I am strong! And I embrace every imperfection I own! I am constantly going to work on loving me!!! And I encourage you all to do the same. Although it may not be easy at times …. I still encourage you to truly love yourself ! #Humble ❤️?❗️?? #NoFilter #NoTouchUps

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As for how she keeps her body in good fighting shape after having one-year-old son, Sutton, Simmons told E! News it’s all about eating clean and finding time where she can to exercise.

“My secret is, you’ve just got to work out and change your diet,” she said. “After you’re pregnant, you can’t eat like you’re pregnant or you’re going to look pregnant. I’m still figuring it out myself. Obviously before I got pregnant I was really into health and all that stuff so, just juicing, doing my green juicing, working out, cardio — making sure you get all of that. What I will say is, after becoming a mother, you have less time to really do it. Before I was pregnant it was like 10 a.m., 9 a.m., 8 a.m. every day. This is how it is! More militant. Now it’s kind of like, ‘I can’t really do 10 because I have to nurse at this time.’ It becomes about the baby more than it becomes about yourself. So it’s like, finding the time in the day to really get it done. So when I get it done I’m like, ‘Accomplished something for the day here.’”

Check out more images of the fab mom living it up and being all the fitness goals in St. Lucia.

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