Angela Simmons Talks Split From Her Fiancé & The Judgement For Having A Child Out Of Wedlock


Late last year, Angela Simmons told the world what we already expected. That she had called off her engagement with fiancé and father of her child Sutton Tennyson. As you can imagine, the situation couldn’t have been an easy one for Simmons. She had presented herself to world one way and then her life took a turn that wasn’t what she or her fans expected. And she had to live that out in the public eye.

In a discussion with her mother on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Simmons shared her desire to work on her relationship, realizing it was over and then dealing with the public backlash from it all.

“I just got to a place where I feel like I wasn’t happy and I tried and I tried and I tried and I wanted it to work because the last thing I wanted to do was not be together with the person I had my child with. I thought I met my husband. I’m going to marry him, we have kids. And it just didn’t happen like that.

God had another plan for me.”

In another conversation with her brother JoJo, Angela didn’t directly speak on the cause of her breakup but when he asked her if it was because of cheating, she didn’t deny it. Instead, she said, “It’s a number of things, it’s not one thing. It’s a lot of stuff. Nothing that you would be happy about.”

Later, in the conversation with her mom, Angela spoke about being surprised by the trajectory of her life and dealing with the judgement from fans in the midst of it.

“I feel like I’ve done everything I could with the relationship. Obviously, we went to counseling. And I really never could have imagined in a million years, number one having a kid out of wedlock and then the whole relationship just crumbling. For me, it’s already a lot. Everyone has to look at me and be like, ‘You’re not married. You’re Reverend’s daughter.’ I’m going through all of that and then I have to raise a kid in front of the world, single.

Then, she continued with public perception.

“They judged me. People are always going to be in my comments, ‘Where’s the dad?’ It’s non stop. They’re always worried about my ring and if it’s on or off. They think they know me and they really don’t. They have no idea. Of course, I heard a lot of chatter about me having a child out of wedlock. You got to imagine, my son has to look back at this one day and you know what, I’m human and it happened. People are always going to have an opinion and that’s just not who I am. I’m not your opinion.”