Angie Stone To Sue Bruno Mars And Mark Ronson, Claims They Stole “Uptown Funk”

According to Angie Stone, producer Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars stole their soon-to-be classic “Uptown Funk” from a song called “Funk You Up (Tear the Roof Off)” by her former group, The Sequence. Yes, you read that right. And now, Stone is planning to sue both men.

Angie Stone and Bruno Mars singers accused of copying

“As far as I’m concerned, the song belongs to us,” Stone said while chatting with UK publication The Sun. “We have been robbed, railroaded, overlooked and completely disrespected. Everyone got paid but my group. The truth of the matter is no one on that suit deserves it more than The Sequence, because those lyrics are ours. ‘Funk You Up’ was ours. We branded it in 1979.”

But does it really sound the same? Check both tracks out for yourself and keep clicking to hear nine other times famous artists were accused of copying some of their biggest tracks from both little known and well-known stars.