‘Animal Kingdom’ Sneak Peek: Smurf and Joshua Think They’re Being Followed

They better watch their backs! In a sneak peek from the Tuesday, July 11, episode of Animal Kingdom, Smurf and Joshua believe that they’re being followed. 

In the aftermath of the boys’ botched heist and Smurf’s kidnapping, Smurf (played by Ellen Barkin) and Joshua “J” (Finn Cole) are being extra cautious as they drive around their Southern California beach town. “Black van just pulled in behind us,” J points out in the clip. Smurf directs, “Keep your eyes on it.”

Joshua anxiously checks the review mirror and firmly grasps his gun. The van makes a sudden move to pull up beside their car, and J prepares to shoot. But the black van quickly passes them and speeds up ahead without a problem. 

When Smurf asks where the suspicious van went, J says, “Took a right on the last street.” He keeps checking their surroundings and nervously bites his lip. He asks, “If someone’s tailing us, what are we going to do?”

Smurf confidently replies, “Whatever we have to do.”

In the previous episode, J honed his shooting skills at target practice, and later learned he may have to put those skills to use. Javi’s cronies kidnapped Smurf, and Javi (Alex Meraz) demanded the truth about one of Smurf’s past jobs that resulted in his father’s death. When she finally returned home, she woke up J — who just suffered a deep leg wound while robbing the church — to prepare him for a showdown with Javi.

Animal Kingdom airs on TNT Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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