Animal Planet’s New Series ‘My Fat Pet’ to Help Overweight Pets Slim Down

The Biggest Loser makes its way to the animal kingdom. Animal Planet will debut a new series, My Fat Pet, to help Americans with their overweight dogs and cats in a mixture of training and diet planning, the network announced earlier this week.

“In Animal Planet’s all-new series My Fat Pet, animal expert and trainer Travis Brorsen works with pets and their owners through a four-month long weight-loss journey,” the press release reads, explaining that “obese animals are more than likely to experience high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure, thus leading to a shorter life.”

On the show, Brorsen will work with families and their pets to create individualized exercise and diet plans so that their furry family members can slim down quick and get healthy.

The trainer will even implement some “creative techniques” to incentivize owners to take better care of their pets. “As an example, one owner is forced to wear a weighted vest to experience the extra weight their family dog is carrying around due to being overweight,” the release reads.

After spending four months working with the families, Brorsen will then return to give the felines and canines a weigh-in to assess how far both the pets and their owners have come.

My Fat Pet is set to debut this fall on Animal Planet.

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