Anytime, Anyplace: Current And Former Couples Known For Getting Frisky In Public

Cardi B and Offset

While most of us like to keep certain things about our private lives, well, private, there are others who get a thrill out of having a behind-closed-doors moment in front of others. Or in the case of some celebrities, in front of thousands of followers, fans or paparazzi. Rapper Cardi B and her rumored boyfriend Offset, from the group Migos, were not necessarily caught being frisky out in public, but rather, they shared an intimate moment on their own. While in the club earlier this week, Cardi shared a very short clip of herself enjoying a drink and some, uh, pleasure from Offset. While some people thought it was crazy, there were others who applauded the pair’s freedom to have a bit of fun out in the open.

Quite a few stars have thrown caution to the wind with their partners and gotten quite frisky in public, and that includes on stage, in the park, in front of paparazzi cameras and even in music videos (Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert in Kanye West’s “Fade” for example). Check out a slew of other current and former couples who were a fan of the “anytime, anyplace” way of having fun.

Game and India Love

India Love and The Game