April the Giraffe’s Baby Is ‘Sticking Out,’ Says Zookeeper With Update on Pregnant Animal

Holy smokes! That’s what April the Giraffe’s zookeepers had to say on Sunday, March 19, when they revealed her baby was “sticking out.”

The pregnant animal has tens of millions of people across the globe eagerly awaiting the birth of it’s baby, and the Animal Adventure Park’s latest Facebook update had everyone excited.

“Keeper report is ‘holy smokes’ baby is sticking out,” read the post alongside a picture of April’s swollen and misshapen belly. “It is very evident in visual observations that the calf is moving up and sticking out!”

But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to push, since the baby is just sticking out of the side of her tummy.

“All are happy with progress,” they wrote, however “we are not in labor at this time.”

Caretakers at the Harpursville, New York, park concluded their post with: “We look forward to another week and hopefully the arrival of our long awaited calf.”

A livestream of April has been broadcast since February 22, and during that time there have been several false alarms.

But the morning update on Sunday said things are moving in the right direction, with the animal “carrying everything a bit more towards the rear.” 

“Wax caps are still in place,” read the social media post. “Appetite remains strong.”

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