As Rasheeda Frost Discusses Future Of Marriage, Kirk’s Former Mistress Offers Apology

Let’s not front, friends. I’m sure some of you have been watching this latest season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. If you have, then you probably know good and well about the drama going on in Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s marriage. If not, the summary is that Kirk stepped out yet again, sleeping with a dancer named Jasmine Washington. She ended up pregnant and says the baby is his. Despite publicly stating that he doesn’t believe the baby is his, Kirk set Washington up in an apartment and was paying to help her take care of their alleged son, Kannon. We say alleged because a DNA test still hasn’t occurred.

This has obviously created a lot of chaos in Rasheeda’s life. While she may have kept her distance from Kirk on the show and wants to be separated, the current episodes were filmed a while ago. So where does Rasheeda stand on the future of her marriage now? Although she discussed her situation with the ladies of The Real this week, it’s unclear whether or not she will stay with her longtime love, but she’s sure that she’s not giving a red cent to Washington.

“Well I damn sure ain’t payin’ no woman or having no parts in no damn child support,” Rasheeda said. “You better believe that.”

As for Washington, she’s done some questionable things since coming out with her story. For one, she went to Karlie Redd first, and since then, has talked to all of the people associated with Rasheeda instead of speaking to the reality star and rapper directly. She also put a side-by-side picture of her son Kannon and Rasheeda and Kirk’s son Karter on social media, noting similarities in their appearance (it has since been removed). But in an interview with V-103’s The Ryan Cameron Morning Show this week, Washington said she realized that she’d handled the situation poorly, and also realized her part in being a willing participant in Kirk’s cheating. She wants to apologize to Rasheeda.

“I feel like I owe Rasheeda the biggest apology ever,” Washington said. “I have tried to reach out to her. I feel like maybe I’ve done it wrong. I feel like maybe I should have went to her in the first place and sat down with her and talked. I feel like maybe I’ve done a few things wrong. So I reached out to her. Apparently she’s not trying to hear it, and she has the right to not want to hear it at this point. But still, if Rasheeda is listening, if anybody that knows Rasheeda is listening,  I would love to sit down and have a conversation and try to clear the air and give her the apology that she deserves and the apology that I want to and need to give her.”

We don’t think that sit-down is going to happen, but a gal can always dream…

Check out a snippet of Rasheeda’s chat with the ladies of The Real below and let us know whether or not you think she would actually walk away from her marriage to Kirk.

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