Astrologers Warn: Thursday December 21st Could Be The Worst Day Of The Year. Here’s Why.

It’s been an eventful year full of numerous warnings about the apocalypse—from the reemergence of Nibiru to doomsday prophecies—but now, astrologers are convinced that December 21, 2017 will yield “long-term consequences.”

On this day, the Sun and Saturn will become perfectly aligned—an added twist to the already-unique Winter Solstice occurring on the same day, which normally just brings the shortest and darkest day of the year.

But for the first time in over 350 years, the event will coincide with the alignment of these two celestial bodies, and astrologists are convinced it spells bad news.

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“In one’s personal horoscope, Saturn in Capricorn is a very useful placement, denoting one tough individual,” said Neil Spencer, an astrologer, “but on a macro-level, it doesn’t promise much in the way of fruitful change.”

Neil also says it is “ill advised” to start something new on December 21 because normal actions will be more difficult to complete.

According to another astrology source, Lunar Living, you may find yourself with low energy levels and a lack of motivation, “Take care of business, then you will be truly free to do as you wish. Your energy level may be low, but do not use this as an excuse for not doing your best.”

Additionally, acts of selfishness will allegedly come with an even heavier price because, “If your vision is only for yourself, what you create cannot last: it must be for some greater good.”

However, others are convinced these warnings aren’t enough: December 21, they say, could bring serious long-term consequences if you’re not careful.

One Feng Shui blog even provides a table with various actions to avoid on which dates, including December 18, 21, and 30:

(image source: JayAshree Bose)

“Activities planned on these dates are bound to undergo last minute changes. In some cases, the event could get deferred for a month or even a year.

Avoid hosting meetings, whatever decisions you make will not be final, they will change. Avoid traveling on these dates, unless, you like spending your time waiting in airports, railway or bus station.” 

Whether or not you believe in these astrological predictions is a whole other story.

Though, it could be a good excuse to just shelter in and stay home all day—an early Christmas vacation…..

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