Ava DuVernay To Direct DC Comic’s Superhero Movie New Gods


Ava DuVernay has been tapped to direct a silver screen adaptation of DC Comic’s superhero story New Gods. The Selma director seems to be on a fast track to becoming a household name in the directorial world.

It seems like DuVernay is supremely excited about the upcoming project, which caused her to share the announcement on Instagram this morning.


A post shared by Ava DuVernay (@ava) on Mar 16, 2018 at 5:26am PDT

Ava DuVernay is only a week removed from the nationwide debut of her historic directorial gig on A Wrinkle In Time, in which the 45-year-old was the first woman of color to direct a film with a $100 million production budget. As of now, the film has domestically grossed $42.2 million, according to People.

And now, Warner Brothers is entrusting her to deliver some greatness on the upcoming DC Comic’s superhero film New Gods. Created and designed by Jack Kirby with the first release of the story in 1971, New Gods is rather unique in that its world has no fixed universe, so DuVernay, I assume, will be able to be as creative as possible.

DuVernay actually dropped a little bread crumb on social media last year that she would be stepping into the superhero universe. One Twitter user asked her who her favorite comic book character of all time was, and she responded “Big Barda,” a character from New Gods. She also said she chose that character for “many reasons.”

Well, now we know that one of the reasons is because she will be bringing her favorite comic book character to life on screen. So, what is New Gods about? I’ll let DC Comics break that down.

“The New Gods are exactly that—they’re new gods. They came into existence after the world of the old gods, the gods of classical mythology, was destroyed during Ragnarok. The world of these known deities was split and became two separate planets, forever linked, but utterly different. One is called New Genesis and the other is Apokolips.

These worlds are referred to as twins, but the reality is that they couldn’t be or look more different. New Genesis is a lush green paradise, while Apokolips is a scorched, nightmarish land marked by massive fire pits. Both these worlds exist outside of the DC Multiverse, meaning the Apokolips on Earth Prime is the same one as on Earth-2. So when the forces of Apokolips attacked Earth-2 in the pages of our Earth-2 comic, they were the same forces that are now invading Earth Prime in ‘Darkseid War.’ However, since they exist outside the Multiverse, they require a special form of transportation to get here—boom tubes.”

Ooh! Sounds awesome.

From Selma to 13th to A Wrinkle In Time, it seems like DuVernay just might be the go-to director for any story. I mean, how much more diverse can her resume get? Here’s to good luck on transferring the New Gods world from comic book to screen. We know she’s got this.

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